Monday, January 10, 2011

In the eye of the beholder...

My recipe blog is going to morph back into half life and half recipes as I'm working on my Crossfit/Paleo challenge.

The benchmark workout was this weekend, and I can't help but feel disappointed in myself - which I have to admit, doesn't make a ton of sense. I did this same challenge last year, but not eating Paleo, and in the beginner class (which means jumping pullups, and a 45# bar for my hang cleans). This year, I've bumped up a class into intermediate (green band pullups, and a 65# weighted bar for my hang cleans).

Saturday, I managed 2 rounds, a 200m run in the 12 minutes alotted. Instead of thinking about how I rocked the hang cleans (my husband's words there) without setting the bar down, or how I plowed through my band pullups - all I can think is those ugly three letters... DNF.

That's right. Did Not Finish. My running was definitely the hinderance in this workout, and yet it's all I can seem to see. I keep replaying the workout in my head and instead of seeing those awesome points, I'm seeing my poor running (or really, the moment when I was reasonably sure I was about to vomit in front of 40 people and possibly onto a coach. it was NOT pretty.)

So on that note, here is either a picture of the exact moment when I failed myself - or the moment when I ran 400 meters in 2:02 (my second fastest time ever). In the eye of the beholder.

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