Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How Sweet It Is...

It's amazing to me after eating things that are not sweet (no sugar, no artificial sugar, etc etc) that my tastebuds have been a bit transformed. This morning I decided to add some banana into my breakfast to change it up a bit, and after a pretty hard workout. I couldn't get over how sweet it was. A banana? I used to eat one of these things every morning, taking it for granted that it was sweet and delicious.
After reading the blogs and chatting it up with several of my Crossfit classmates and I Am Crossfit teammates - I realized, I need to get better at setting more realistic, smaller goals for myself. Despite the fact that it is so cold that I sprinted through the deli/meat section at the grocery store this morning - I am going to get a move on with my running. It was the weak link in my workout, and as we've all learned - sitting on it isn't going to make it improve itself. I'm excited to see what these 8 weeks will bring, and how strong and awesome I can get on diet and exercise alone.

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