Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oddest Phenomenon

I'm most comfortable in workout clothes.

I realized this today as I was perusing Gap on my lunch hour, hoping desperately for a cute top to wear to my convention in Vegas (work appropriate or after-hours, really, I'm flexible).

Twenty minutes later, I walked out of Gap Body with new running capris, three new workout tanktops and a single, solitary sweater that I couldn't resist the color of but didn't fit either of my Vegas categories. What on Earth?

Then I thought back over the past two months... and realized - I've been doing this for two months! Going shopping and ending up with tons of new workout stuff - and really not much else. I'm lucky that my office is flexible with our wardrobe requirements as several of my outfits lately have incorporated my new favorite tanktop: in several different colors - all under one of the seemingly hundred cardigans I own.

Sometimes, if it's Friday, I even incorporate my workout shoes -

Thank God, I haven't reached the realm of wearing my skintight workout pants yet.


1 comment:

  1. Crossfit obviously matters to you. This just proves it. Great job staying focused! ;p