Friday, February 25, 2011

Deadlifts - They're Not For Sissies.

*caveat - the hands pictured above are NOT mine. Mine haven't ripped...yet. ;)

A girl at work yesterday was talking about (oh the horror) dishpan hands. Apparently her 50's bungalow lacks a dishwasher, which really, would kill me at this point, but I have little sympathy for her dishpan hands. Why? Because Crossfit has given me a serious case of the man-hands. I'm okay with it, since I earned them.

These hands have calluses that also have calluses, but I got them by struggling through pullups, deadlifting my body weight, and doing man-makers until I thought I'd die (or prayed that I might). I've gotten to a point where my hands are hindering my success instead of helping - my hands hurt so badly this morning that I did reps of TWO on the bodyweight deadlifts. Hence, the callus discussion.

I never in a million years thought I'd be having discussions about the best ways to shave/shred/get rid of my calluses - but here I am. A lean, mean, callused machine.

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  1. Oh KEL!!!!! I am cringing for you!!!! Hope they heal up quickly!