Friday, November 28, 2014

StitchFix: Round Two

My second StitchFix box arrived today, and I darted towards the front door, grabbed it, and ran like a kid back to my room to try it on.

I switched stylists from the last one, and decided to try one who styles a friend of mine and I've loved what I've seen. How'd it go?

So.. I kept one out of five, but that doesn't really tell the true tale. 

The good: A lot of what was sent was "my style". She also specifically sent me a shirt I had pinned to my StitchFix board on Pinterest but in a different color.

The bad: I'm allergic to angora and it's listed on my SF profile. One of the items was 60% angora so that was our from the get-go. Ironically because most of it was my style - I felt like it looked like a lot of stuff I already owned. I can't really decide if that's truly a bad. I mean, she got my style - damn her? ;) I also felt like nearly every item was a little expensive, except of course the top I didn't pick! 

Let's dive in.

Piece #1 - Kut from the Kloth skinny jeans. 

 These jeans were fine. And therein lies the true problem, right? They're fine. They were comfortable, they fit well, but I really liked my last jeans so I wasn't really in need of any more, and not a massive fan of the contrast stitching. My husband again busted out the "Those look fine." which since was pretty much what I felt about them, they were doomed. ;) 

Price: $78. Verdict: Sent back. 

Piece #2 - Andrew Marc - Dark Pink Envelope Collar Dress

I admit it. I sneaked a peek at the style sheet and was really intrigued when I saw it. The color was pretty, but had it been black I would have been drooling. I liked the style and the slightly edgy collar, and the length and fit were perfect. However, the fabric was a little in between - too dressy really for my office but not dressy enough for a dinner date or a holiday party in this shade of pink. For the record, my husband loved it and gave it a "wow!" when he saw me in it which was nice but I was waffling and the price... 

Price: $128. Ouch. Verdict: Sent back.

Piece #3 - Grey Patch Pocket Cardigan

This looked cozy. Or really, would have had my Benedryl-fueled Spidey senses not known immediately that it contained something that I was hideously allergic to. It did have a bit of an odd edgy faux-leather type trim on the pockets, and some inside-out seams that I'm not a big fan of as I feel like they make an outfit a little more casual then I enjoy. Anyway, this piece annoyed me in that my SF profile says I'm allergic to wool, cashmere, and angora, which makes sweater season only slightly more enjoyable than a visit to the OB. 

Price: $68 Verdict: Sent back. 

Piece #4 - Green/Cream/Black Striped Cotton Top

Aside from the Kelly green, this looks both like something I would buy and something I sort of already have. It fit really well, was really soft, and had it not hugged my muffintop like they were long lost friends, I probably would have kept it. All in all, since I already own a few like it, I didn't. 

Price: $38. Verdict: Sent back. 

Piece #5 - 41Hawthorn - Black 3/4 Sleeve Shirt with Studded Detail


This is the top I had pinned, so I was excited to receive it. In black, which of course, I adore. ;) Even though I had pinned it online, I was a little hesitant when I saw it in person... Was the person wearing it when I pinned it a size 2? Was this going to be one of those tops where I was super disappointed? Nope. I ended up liking it, and the husband gave it two thumbs up. It originally looked a little sheer when I held it up but wasn't seethrough at all when I tried it on, thank goodness. 

Price: $58 Verdict: Kept. 

Overall: I was a little disappointed in this shipment. Mainly I think because there's a lot of build up to them and to only keep one out of five was a bit of a bummer. That being said - it wasn't like I received another totally hideous shirt like that one in the last shipment. A lot of it I really liked, but I guess I was expecting to be totally wowed this time and I wasn't. Not only that - I was a little surprised at a few of the price points but that could also be because I've been online black friday shopping and everything is like $4 with free shipping. ;) 

All in all, I'm excited for my next StitchFix but also sort of wishing they offered a "every six weeks option" because 4 weeks lands basically on Christmas but 2 months is just too darn long to wait! ;) 

Check it out or support my StitchFix habit here. ;) 

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