Sunday, July 27, 2014

This Week's Recipes

I will admit.. I am not always successful. For example, this week, I got stuck at work and we ate leftovers.. and then I realized - when my weeks are insane, I am not going to come home, chop up veggies and then thread them onto shish kabobs. This led to me not even using the shish kabob meat I made and marinated because I get weird about chicken and how many days it's been since I bought it, etc. I can't help it. I've got poultry problems.

Meatball Nirvana was amazing as always, and the new marinade was REALLY good on chicken and browned up really nicely on the grill. 

This week I'm making tuna salad for some lunches, I've cut up red bell peppers, and mixed them in baggies with baby carrots and celery. I've premade bacon (For easy cleanup, put three sheets of foil for extra coverage, space them out over the baking sheet, pre-oil with a spray of PAM or whatever you use to avoid sticking, 400 degrees for roughly 20-25 minutes). We prefer our bacon crispy so sometimes we end up at 30 minutes but I start checking it around 20-25 and sometimes rotate the pans from top to bottom, etc). The benefit is that I can pre-make bacon for the week (we eat a lot of bacon. a lot.) and there's no hot grease flying around my kitchen with a toddler AND my stovetop is free to do other things. I can chop veggies. I can prep tuna salad, because my oven is doing all the work. Score! 

Tonight - Pasta with delicious,delicious meat sauce (which is pretty similar to this, sans mushrooms.)

Monday - Filet mignon is back on the menu, with these amazing brussels sprouts

Tuesday - Ironically, I'm trying another chicken kabob... Tuesdays generally aren't insane and it's earlier in the week so I'm hopeful. 

Wednesday - Salmon with caesar salad. (I'll probably do my fallback salmon recipe which isn't written down anywhere. Pat the salmon dry, add a little butter to the pan over medium heat, sprinkle your spice rub of choice liberally over the salmon - and plunk that baby in and listen to the sizzle).

Thursday - Kung Pao chicken makes a triumphant return at the request of the hubby so it must have been pretty good ;) 

Friday - Leftovers! 

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