Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Sweater That Would Look Amazing on Sharon Chen.

I happen to work in the cube next to one of the most fashionable, adorable people on the planet. Her tiny little feet, and tiny little clothing size is the envy of more than half of this cinder-blocked cube prison. All that to say, I find myself shopping and wondering - would this be more me, or more sharon chen? More than half the time, it is a look I covet, that only someone of her diminuative size and enormous fashion sense could pull off.This sweater is something that I could see her pulling off with grace and ease. It is adorable.


  1. aww thanks kelly! though you give me way too much credit...i'm always inspired by your style (and sarah's too) - we keep each other looking good! :)

    p.s. your nude flats, in patent leather too:

  2. See, conversations like this are why I dread moving over to RR1.